Tsk, tsk.

Another Man's Moccasins  - Craig Johnson

Sheriff Longmire is back in Wyoming nursing Katie back to health following the devastating attack on her in the last book. This one has parallel plots: one involving a Vietnamese woman whose body was found along a highway, and the other Longmire's experiences as a Marine CID investigator in Vietnam assigned to find the source of some drugs. They begin to merge when Longmire discovers that an elderly Vietnamese was following the woman; he says she was his granddaughter. And then there’s the huge Indian found homeless in an underpass who had also served in Vietnam.


I recommend not starting the series with this book. The development of the characters and their personalities is what drives the series and the intermingling of the Vietnam story with the present day doesn’t always work that well, at least in the audio version. Very ably read by George Guidall.


Well above average police procedural series. However, I continue to think the relationship between Vic, his deputy, and Longmire, is not a path for the author to take. Aside from the March-December aspect, supervisors should never, ever, ever have an intimate relationship with a supervisee. And to make matters worse, Katie is beginning a relationship with Vic’s brother. Tsk, tsk.


I'm reading/listening my way through the entire series