Transitional vacuum

Superbia 2 - Bernard Schaffer

This very short sequel to Superbia 1 feels almost like a transition to the longer Superbia 3.  Frank continues his battle with the chief in a rather one-sided, self-righteous view of law enforcement.  The street cops are always right;  the chiefs nothing but “fat-fucks.”  Well, not all of them.  Clayton Cole, who lives in the middle of nowhere is the chief of police in a tiny village who’s saddled with “dumb-shit” cops, so perhaps it all evens out.  (He is a character in the joint effort with Joe Konrath, Cheese Wrestling.)


Frank is very different from the retiring, rather shy new cop he was in the first, yet Vic’s death seems to have been very recent. What caused the change?  How did Frank grow?  I thought the visions of the baton-twirling apparition were ridiculous.


The three books would have been stronger had they been merged together and rewritten to build some transition. Some story lines pop up and disappear with little resolution.  I would not recommend reading these as standalones. I’m moving on to #3.


On the other hand, if you want a  fun, driving, read, however, this series is a good choice.