Has Laura Lippman Ever Been to Dublin?

Dublin Noir: The Celtic Tiger Vs. the Ugly American - Ken Bruen, Eoin Colfer, John Rickards, Ken Wignall, Laura Lippman, James O. Born, Sarah Weinman, Gary Phillips, Patrick J. Lambe, Duane Swierczynski, Craig McDonald, Pat Mullan, Reed Farrel Coleman, Peter Spiegelman, Jim Fusilli, Jason Starr, Charlie Stella, Ray Banks, Ole

Akashic Books has been issuing a series of books that thematically collect "noir" stories related to specific cities, e.g., Richmond Noir, Philadelphia Noir, etc., although I see there is a recent one entitled "Grand Central Noir;" perhaps they ran out of cities. The books are an excellent way to discover authors writing in the noir genre -- if there is such a thing -- and I've already order some books based on stories in "Dublin Noir: The Celtic Tiger Vs. the Ugly American" edited by Ken Bruen.


Obviously, maintaining a consistent level of excellence is difficult with so many authors, and I doubt if I will seek out Jason Starr (very silly story). On the other hand, "Rope-A-Dope" by Craig MacDonald had a nifty twisted ending. One critique of mine is that I wish the editors had limited themselves to authentic Irish writers rather than include stories set in Dublin by non-native writers, e.g., Laura Lippman Personal prejudice. The real Dublin is, of course, much less noir.