Great line about the Twins

Penance - David Housewright

Holland Taylor, ex-homicide cop finds himself the suspect in the case of the death of John Brown, the man who killed his wife and daughter in a DUI car accident. Brown was killed just a few months after his release from prison after serving most of a four-year sentence, so naturally Taylor becomes a suspect.


He's sucked into the investigation by his former partner, Anne Scalesi, now a lieutenant in the St. Paul Homicide unit and he’s thrown into the midst of the campaign of C.C. Munro who might become the first female governor of Minnesota.  As the dead bodies pile up and connections appear, Taylor has some serious navigating to do through the swamp.  


It has cynicism, a nifty plot, and humor. Can’t ask for more than that.


P.S.  He has a pet rabbit.


An excellent P.I. story. I will definitely read more.