Very nice collection.

Fire in the Hole: Stories - Elmore Leonard

A collection of really excellent (well, most of them) stories by Elmore Leonard.  My favorites were the collection titled story, "Fire in the Hole" that provided much of the background and basis for the Justified TV series (very good, btw.)  "Karen Makes Out" was lots of fun.  Karen is a U.S. Marshal who has been smitten by Carl, a man wanted (they think) by the FBI for bank robbery.  How she deals with it is delightful, indeed.  Shades of Raylan in that girl.   "Hurrah for Captain Early" provides a nice mix of the role played by black soldiers and some of the discrimination they faced.  "The Tonto Woman" is a touching story of a Mexican bandit who crosses the border to steal cattle.  Along the way he salvages the wife of the man whose cattle he's about to steal, resurrecting her in the eyes of her husband.  Charming.