How to Fly Happy

We read about and experience all sorts of crummy things when jetting off to some far away location.  TSA, airport congestion, delays, tiny seats, etc., so naturally our tendency is to complain. I suggest for a better experience just lower your expectations. For example, when you go to the dentist for a root canal, you really don't expect to have a good time, but you know the time in the chair is finite, 2-3 hours.  Apply the same rationale to your next flight.  Just think of it as a root canal, uncomfortable, little room to move, expensive, have to listen to messages, often can't use your electronic devices, can't sleep, and so on.  But the important lesson is *the time in the chair is finite.*


And you don't have to keep you mouth open quite as wide.  My bet is you'll have a better flight next time if you just keep that simple rule in mind:  LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS and compare it to a root canal.