Excellent legal drama

Hostile Witness - William Lashner

"Loved this legal thriller, first in the Victor Carl series, and read by Richard Ferrone, a favorite narrator. Victor is a small time Philadelphia lawyer, epitome of the ambulance chaser, recently abandoned by a legal partner who took along the best clients, and facing ever-mounting bills.  He's approached by Prescott, a well-known attorney from a huge firm, with a great deal to settle one of Victor's questionable lawsuits, and the prospect of even more money, if he'll take on legal representation of the sleazy sidekick of a politician, or, is it the sidekick of a sleezy politician. His greed getting the better of him, he soon learns he is just to do what he's told, but he's not sure why, and he learns quickly as soon as he decides to truly represent his client.  


Victor's method for keeping his clothes clean is inspired.  He has a small washer dryer unit in his apartment.  He uses the washer as a hamper and when it's full turns it on.  The dryer is his closet and he just removes clothes from it as needed.  The undershirts have a pink tinge and everything is creased, but what the hell, creased is his trademark, anyway. The scene where Veronica, a beautiful plaything, pops over at two in the morning and he describes the detritus in his refrigerator is classic. 


Morris Kasputin (spelling?) , the fat little Jewish detective is a marvelous character. 


Lashner is far better than the later Grisham and as good as the early stuff. 


Favorite quote: "The only difference between a politician and a viper is that the viper's fangs retract."