Unknown Book 8582956 - Unknown Author 957 A satisfying light read with a few minor quibbles. The story is constructed over a period of days and the author mixes three points of view, which, one would think would provide a collision of spoilers, but he rather skillfully separates each and provides an ending resolving each in a rather startling manner.

My quibble was the abrupt way he ended the story. First we see the events morning-by-morning, afternoon-by-afternoon, and day-by-day. At the denouement, however, he jumps a week and lets the characters explain the resolution.

I was puzzled by the publisher's blurb because Raven, the attorney, is hardly the major character. That honor is shared with Nick Teffinger, a Denver detective, and Dalton, a really creepy impresario, and finally, the “pirate.” The motives of the black stalker are never satisfactorily explained. Can’t say more without spoiling everything.

A fun read that left me scratching my head at the end (which was OK because it was itching, anyway.)