The Seventh (Parker, #7) - Richard Stark Donald Westlake, a.k.a. Richard Stark, is having more fun, even with the title, as this has several meanings in the context of the book: seventh in the series, it’s the seventh split of the take, etc. Anyone familiar with the Parker series will certainly enjoy this book, as did I, with a couple of caveats. Unlike most of his other Parker novels, this one has multiple points-of-view, that of the killer as well as the detective on the case. I don’t remember that in the other Parker novels I have read. I found it a bit disconcerting.

Parker, short on cash, has allied himself with six other career criminals in the heist of a football game’s receipts. He shacks up with Ellen to hide until the heat from the robbery dies down, only to come back from getting some cigs and find her dead in the apartment and the entire stash from the robbery gone. (I found it odd they would have trusted one person with the entire take.) He insists he’ll find the killer and the money. The robber in the meantime, an amateur, has decided he needs to take out Parker.

Some fine twists to bollix things up a bit. Fine entertainment.

I'm very pleased that Chicago has decided to reissue all the Parker series both in trade paperback and ebook formats.

One complaint: On the Kindle version, every occurrence of "tly" becomes "dy" They need to fix that.