To the Devil, My Regards - Anthony Neil Smith,  Victor Gischler Victor Gischler, writes off-beat little gems. This one was co-authored by Anthony Neil Smith. It was 99 cents for my Kindle and worth much more.

Z.Z. Delpresto, P.I. is not having a good week. He’s been hired to spy on the mother of a girl he ends up making love to only to have her be killed and he is found with the murder weapon in his hand. Delpresto finds nothing going his way. “Amazing how fate can work against us sometimes. We like the think we’re the center of the Solar System, everything revolving around. More likely, we’re the center of the vortex when we flush the toilet.”

Warning: not literature, just fun and when you get as old as I, fun often trumps obscurity. I do, however, draw the line at Gischler’s X-men stuff.