The Scroll Lawyers - R.J. Jagger I’ve read several Jagger titles and they all fit a structure that delivers short chapters swapping characters and placed in a time period during successive days. Unlike James Patterson, they provide more solid entertainment.

It’s 1952 and Bryson Wilde, P.I., is asked by a riveting blonde (what else) to pretend to be her and report that she had seen the possible killer of society dame. Switch to a lawyer who is given a box with a copper scroll inscribed with what appears to be Egyptian hieroglyphics. Switch to an assassin, switch to several other characters. There’s also a painting. And another blonde. Not to mention a motocycle and a train. And a crooked cop - maybe. A lot crammed into a short period of time, but everything gets pulled together in the end. A list of characters would have been helpful.

Not literature. Just good fifties pulp noire.