Trial by Fury (A Righteous Novella) - Michael  Wallace There was a sale going on of Michael Wallace's "Righteous" trilogy and I thought I'd sample some of his work given the excellent reviews and interesting subject matter (FLDS and polygamy.) Trial by Fury is a very short novella that examines the destruction of Abraham's conscience and perhaps loss of faith in his religious culture. He's pursued by nightmares and visions of the man he has killed at the behest of his uncle. The man is being shot ostensibly for violating church laws, yet Abraham (a name chosen for good reason, no doubt) learns none of the motives are pure, even those of his Father, the prophet.

I'll certainly read more of Wallace and if you enjoyed the Big Love series, I suspect you'll enjoy this series as well. Wallace's biography indicates he was raised in the desert in a religious community but it's unclear if this was related to the FLDS church. He certainly appears to have considerable inside knowledge.

I'm sure all the regular LDS folks will get all uptight in their haste to defend their current beliefs. (Note I said current, since one never knows when the next revelation will come down.)