Fatal Voyage : The Wrecking of the Costa Concordia - John Hooper I suppose it will be years before the definitive story of the Costa Concordia is written. In the meantime, this is a brief reporting of events as collected by John Hooper. Interesting, but one shouldn't draw any serious conclusions - yet.

I did some poking around myself and contrary to the line's earliest statements, it's clear from Lloyd's tracking maps that other Costa ships had done so-called "sail-pasts" as a way of showing off the ship were fairly common and had been done on almost the same track as the Concordia. Apparently, their captains were luckier than Shettino whom the rocks certainly shat upon. The maneuver that turned the ship around after scraping the rocks and headed toward shallow water near the port probably saved many lives. Some of his other actions did not.

Interesting quote: "One of Schettino's officers on the Costa Concordia was to give a different assessment of him. He agreed that his skipper had "innate nautical skill." But, he told prosecutors: "He does not have an awareness of, or respect for, extreme limits." which bears on an earlier remark Shettino made to a Czech newspaper: "I enjoy moments when something unpredictable happens, when you can diverge a bit from standard procedures." — Captain Francesco Schettino. Interview with the Czech newspaper Dnes, December 2010. He certainly got his wish.