BAD INTENT Volume 1 - Michael Tabman Tabman, who has a background in law enforcement, both police and FBI, has written an authentic series of very short stories under the title Bad Intent. Each could be a stand-alone, but hang together as a series. I refer you to an excellent review and summary of the series by Fran at I wold have preferred them altogether in one volume, but certainly enjoyed the first which brought out the tricky relationships that exist between the FBI and NYPD. During a stakeout and bust, one of the FBI agents tussles with one of the bad guys and in the process accidentally shoots a cop. THE NYPD and FBI immediately close ranks around each other's respective units.

“I’m Agent Douglas, officer, what’s the problem here?” “That’s sergeant. Sergeant Collins. The problem is that we need your agent to hand his weapon over to us right now. It is evidence in a police shooting and we will take custody of it.” “I don’t think so, Sergeant. This is an FBI case, and the FBI does not relinquish their weapons to local cops. Now, I just swallowed as much as shit as I going to from you guys; don’t push it. This is an FBI case.” “So what are you saying? Do we have a stand-off here, Agent Douglas?”