A Fatal Verdict (The Trials of Sarah Newby, #2) - Tim Vicary This was one of those fortuitous discoveries, a free Kindle book that appealed to me because it's British and deals with their legal system. It's well written, has a great plot, and led me right back to Kindle to order the order two in the Sarah Newby series.

A woman is found bleeding in the bathtub, lungs filled with water, wrists slit. The call is phoned in by her boyfriend who claims he had been out getting some things for dinner and some flowers only to discover her when he arrived home. The paramedics find her barely alive, but for Terry, the local DI, several things just don't add up. Following an investigation, it becomes his job and that of his team to convince Sarah, now acting as the prosecuting barrister (the English system of solicitors and barristers is so interesting) that enough evidence exists to prosecute the boyfriend, David, for murder.

The interplay of the lawyers at the trial is interesting enough, but what makes it really special is that the reader really has no idea whether David is, in fact guilty of murder, even though the physical evidence does seem to point in that direction. The dead girl's family are convinced he did it, as well as his own lawyer.

SPOILER: A second trial follows as Melinda, the dead girl's sister kills David, but her mother is charged with the murder.

Anything more would be to completely give away the outcome, which, satisfied no one.