Bangkok Bob And The Missing Mormon - Stephen Leather A charming little novel that has a mystery but no murder, no horror, lots of suspicion and possible conspiracies and lots of local color.

Bob Turtledove is a former New Orleans cop now married to a beautiful Thai woman (and she’s much smarter than he and very well connected.) He runs an antique store but over the years he has helped numerous people with their business dealings in Thailand. Mr. and Mrs. Clare of Salt Lake City want him to find their perfect (saving himself for his wife) son with whom they have lost contact. Bob is the antithesis of the macho cop and his investigation reveals much of how business is done in Thailand. Patience is rewarded; a sense of humor, essential.

Stephen Leather must have a lot of knowledge of Thailand (he lives there part of the year) as the story reeks of authenticity. One might even say that Bangkok is the major character of the novel. It also reveals some of the cultural conflicts and mistaken seductions of those who visit the country. I hope Leather brings Bob back in several reincarnations.

Jai yen (Cool heart, don’t worry, be happy)