Becoming Quinn - A Jonathan Quinn Novella - Brett Battles A novella revealing how Jake, a Phoenix rookie cop, becomes Jonathan Quinn, "cleaner" for a super secret security agency. Sent to check out reports of a prowler, Jake and his partner come upon the scene of a fire with a badly burned body. Jake has preternaturally acute attention to detail and he notices several anomalies missed by the crime scene techs. Unfortunately, that ability and his overactive need to investigate places him at odds with his superiors -- and those who were involved in what, he learns much later, was an officially sanctioned termination.

I've read several other Quinn books, and have to admit the novella form is deftly handled by Battles. He might wish to consider adopting the form, much as had Block in his Keller series, often comprising a series of vignettes.

This book was really quite good, and what's even more surprising, plausible.