Berlin Noir: March Violets / The Pale Criminal / A German Requiem - Philip Kerr In the last of the trilogy, Berlin Noir, (Pale Criminal and March Violets) it’s 1948, Berlin is a mess, and Bernie is hired by a former colleague, Becker, to come to to discover who might really have killed a Captain Linden, an American counterintelligence officer. Becker is in jail awaiting trial for the murder, and the evidence against him appears overwhelmingly strong. Bernie soon finds himself enmeshed in a web of intrigue that pits a clandestine American intelligence operation against ex-Nazis calling themselves the “Org.” Many of these Nazis had ostensibly been killed during the war. They had apparently faked their deaths, assumed new identities, and let all the new records fall “accidentally” into Allied hands. Unfortunately, they had not been able to fake their dental records and when Linden stumbled across their trail and decided to blackmail them, the case became quite messy. Kerr is always good, and these riveting stories reek of authenticity.