The Oath - John Lescroart I hesitate to mark this as a legal mystery as, unlike many of Lescroart's other books, there is very little that takes place in a courtroom except for a couple of grand jury scenes.

No need to summarize the plot as the book's description does that just fine without any spoilers and this book would be ripe for spoilers. Not a great book, just a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the repartee between Glitsky and Hardy, two best friends, who manage to focus on their own conflicting jobs and irritate each other no end, yet manage to forgive and forget.

You'll learn some interesting economics of running a hospital and HMO and trying to keep the HMO going provides the motivation for several of the "mercy" killings that lead to the penultimate murder. I did find the murderer's motivations to be rather unconvincing, but then again, I don't value money and power the way her/she/it (no spoilers there) did.