Death Wore White - Jim Kelly I know that I am no judge of what constitutes good writing, but this book is filled with evocative images. For example, as the inspectors regarded a beach following a snowstorm where a man had been found dead, "sometimes a seagull wheeled, ripping a tiny white tear in the monochrome canvas." Or, "Crews disembarked, pencil-gray outlines working in a bank of falling snowflakes, bristling with rakes and buckets and forks."

As Stephen points out, this is a form of "locked room" mystery.""There's a passenger in the murder victim's vehicle, but she's gone. There's an apple in the murder victim's vehicle, but it's not his. The corpse on the beach is involved in some form of illegal trade in wildlife, and that's gone too. It wasn't a simple inquiry to begin with." A fresh fallen snow, but no footprints. The man who last spoke to the victim suffers a heart attack. And what's with the used spark plugs found in the victim's car? And was there a connection between the people caught behind the victim's car in the blizzard? See Stephen's nice review for a more complete plot summary. Ripping good yarn.