The Night Crew - John  Sandford I know that many people disliked this book because it's a departure from Sandford's Lucas Davenport series. For my money, while a solid read, they had become too formulaic. Night Crew takes place in Los Angeles instead of Minneapolis and follows Anna Batory, a freelance videographer who roams the city listening to police calls in hopes of beating regular news crews to a story so she can sell some video to the networks.

Unlike the geography of Minneapolis which stands out in the Prey series, I just didn't get a sense of place in this book. Lots of running around, but I felt like I was hovering over a map instead of being in the place itself, something I think Sandford accomplishes better in the Davenport series. The relationships between the characters could have been fleshed out better. Jake Harper, ex-cop, who becomes Anna's lover?/boyfriend?something?, loses his son in the opening scene, but the impact on Jake (pun intended since he jumps from a window) seems slight.

Many people who like the Prey series have not liked this one. I did, but with reservations. It has promise for a new series. We'll see.

The Kidd series is enjoyable; I have tried any of the Virgil Flowers titles yet.