The Electric Church - Jeff Somers I haven't read much dystopian fiction, the daily newspaper suffices as an antidote to cheer. I certainly intend to read Margaret Atwood's latest couple of books and read 1984 (talk about dated!) and Brave New World (although some might argue it's more Utopian.) It's also possible to read this book as a nice action yarn in addition to political commentary. Or vice-versa.

Basically, if you are rich, you're OK -- at least until the next riot, and the "electric" church guarantees eternal life but at the expense of any freedom of will. It's fonder, aptly named Dennis Squalor, argues that in order to achieve salvation and understanding, human life is too short so the brain is harnessed to cyborg bodies in order never to die. In the secular realm, power belongs to the Joint Council and corrupt state security forces who utilize vast weaponry and surveillance to control the rabble and protect the wealthy.

After killing a cop, hit-man Avery Cates is enlisted by the head of the SSF to kill the Dennis who's power is becoming increasingly worrisome to the SSF (and presumably the other powers that be.)

As in all such books, a certain suspension of incredulity is required, but I found the elements of church v state in general to be more than possible, if not likely. This book makes noir seem positively white.