Demolition Angel - Robert Crais Carol Starkey died in the bomb explosion, but she was resuscitated. A bomb technician for the LAPD she has been asked to head a team searching for Mr. Red, a very sophisticated and clever bomb maker who targets specific bomb experts hoping to one day make the FBI’s top Ten Most Wanted List. She’s haunted by the explosion that almost killed her, and, because her partner and lover had been killed in the explosion that almost took her’s. The problem is that she discovers evidence that leads her to believe a copycat killer is trying to emulate Mr. Red and take credit for his work. Jack Pell, an ATF agent who has been seeking Mr. Red, links up with Carol and despite her initial reluctance, afraid she might lose the case to the “feebs,” they join forces.

All is not what it appears, however, and Starkey’s sources tell her that Pell is a rogue agent. He had been injured in the first bomb blast attributed to Mr. Red and because his retinas had become loosened he was gradually losing his sight and he had sworn to get the bomber on his own. Carol and Jack use a computer chat room populated with bomber wannabees to contact Mr. Red. Mr. Red is upset that his bomb technique is being emulated because he believes it will hinder his getting on the Most Wanted List. Carol discovers that the copycat bomb was identical except for one small detail that was not known to the police, so she begins to suspect that her partner had been murdered by someone in the police department who had had access to the specific details of Mr. Red’s bomb construction.

Crais is the author of the Elvis Cole detective series, books that I have enjoyed very much. This one is very different and perhaps a little less satisfactory, although it’s hard to say why, perhaps I just miss Cole’s wisecracks.