A Dance At The Slaughterhouse - Lawrence Block It's funny, this book started out as a boxing book and I almost dropped it right there. Then chapter two came along and I was hooked.

Prominent attorney Richard Thurman and his wife are brutally attacked following an evening out as they arrive home in their apartment. She is raped and beaten, he is robbed and knocked unconscious. Upon reviving, he discovers his hands are bound, mouth taped and his wife dead on the floor. He manages to knock over a lamp and his pipe-cleaning tool with which he pokes 911 on the phone. Clearly a murder and robbery, right?

Well, Lyman, the victim's brother isn't so sure. He thinks Richard murdered his sister and he hires Matt Scudder to find out what really happened. Lyman also thinks that, like himself, Richard was gay and deep in the closet.

This is NOT a book for people who like cozies. There are some very nasty people who do some really evil stuff. But it's certainly a page-turner.