Columbine - Dave Cullen I've sort of been putting off reading this, preferring always to wait until the memory of events has had a chance to congeal. One would think that ten years -- my normal waiting period -- would be about enough, yet we have constant reminders of "threat." The Twin Towers, Virginia Tech and then NIU resulted in a climate at my college that forced the administration into a "protective reaction" stance that meant putting lock-down locks on classroom doors, (used once already when some idiot student brought in a hunting rifle to show his friends), having sheriff's deputies wander around in SS-like fatigues, and a sense of unease any time a student asks a little weird. In a community college, which has such a plethora of students with a variety of backgrounds and needs, it's surprising that the shootings have occured at more homogenous kinds of institutions. The fear level is so variable and often palpable.

I've always been one to analyze risk to determine relative safety. I know that shit happens, yet the likelihood of something happening I try to measure against fear levels to make my own sphincter analysis not wanting to overreact. On the other hand, my wife claims if a tornado warning sounded, I'd probably take a nap, overreacting in the wrong direction. Had I been in the twin towers, I suspect I would have just gone back to work.

I'm looking forward to reading this.