Solomon vs. Lord - Paul Levine Roasted quail marinara. That's what Steve Solomon's nephew called a road kill sparrow drenched in tomato sauce and microwaved for 60 minutes. Steve was late getting home and his nephew announced dinner was ready. It was easier to throw out the microwave rather than clean it. Now I think that's funny, but I have a bizarre sense of humor.

"When the law doesn't work, work the law." That's Steve's motto. His legal style could have been described as throwing a grenade into a septic tank. But he has to keep the cases coming to pay for the care of his nephew, an idiot savant with a photographic memory but no social skills.

What makes this book really charming,‭ ‬aside from the ribaldry and word-play between Solomon and Lord,‭ ‬is the relationship between Bobby and Solomon who really loves his autistic-savant nephew.‭ ‬Bobby has a photographic memory and the ability to find patterns and relationships in words and symbols,‭ ‬a skill that inevitably and predictably helps to break open the case for the two sparring partners.‭ ‬That inevitability doesn't ruin things,‭ ‬it just heightens the anticipation of how it will come about.

A side plot involves Solomon's sister Janice,‭ ‬a deadbeat,‭ ‬who is attempting to get custody of Bobby and a suitably evil psychiatrist who wants Bobby institutionalized for her own medical experiments.‭

This book was just a lot of plain fun.