The Specialists - Lawrence Block A group of ex-enlisted men and army officers forms a team to do what the law can't: catch bag guys. Sort of like the A-Team. (This was an early Block and for all I know gave someone in Hollywood the idea.) The colonel, who has money, creates lives for them to account for their unusual income. One of them is a stamp collector and dealer (shades of a future Keller?), another an encyclopedia salesmen (he didn't mind conning people into buying a good encyclopedia since everyone ought to have one - on the other hand one could live an entire life without one, too.) A third is a travel agent, anyway, you get the idea, all have jobs that made it relatively easy to hide money that came from the extracurricular jobs. They decide to take on a mob boss by duplicating one of his earlier bank robberies to assure that he is accused of the second. Lots of things start to go wrong, and while the group has an ostensible moral compass, the justifications for some of their cruder actions struck me as hollow.

Clearly a minor, exploratory work, it shows some of Block's talent and is a fun little read.