The Shadow of the Wolf - R. Austin Freeman Richard Austin Freeman wrote a series of Dr. Thonrdyke mysteries in the early 20th century. According to the Wikipedia, he invented the inverted mystery where the crime is described firs,t and then Thorndyke, a medico-legal specialist, helps to solve the crime. I had never heard of Freeman until I was poking around in some of the free ebooks to load on my Droid phone, never wanting to be without something to read. Freeman wrote a lot of these, and all are available for free ebook download in a variety of formats from different sources.

They are really quite good, with a Holmesian flare for intricate little details. In this one, an engraver, Varney, who has been counterfeiting bank notes with a confederate, Parnell, wants to leave the business and decides on the spur of the moment that the only way to extricate himself, is to kill his oppressor. He concocts a complicated scenario to make it seem as if Parnell is still alive and uses his engraving skills to alleviate any suspicion toward himself. Needless to say -- but I will anyway -- his scheme backfires and Thorndyke discovers small anomalies that lead to the killer.

Very competently written, I can see why Freeman was widely read among Edwardian authors. Well worth the download and the price is certainly right.