The Outfit - Richard Stark What is it that makes us (me) find the bad guy so intriguing? Why do we root for Parker? His sense of independence? Is it the David v Goliath theme? Probably all of the above.

This story is dated: no cell phones or other little technological marvels that surround us today, but it's a good story. Parker, our favorite bad guy, is annoyed after the syndicate hires a hitman to take him out. Parker had stolen back some money he was owed and the "outfit" was pissed. Realizing that they won't give up, he decides to make war on the mob. He does so by enlisting his friends, suggesting that now is the time to pull off the heists they've always wanted to against syndicate establishments, but never could for fear of retribution by the "outfit." It's little guys against the soft and unwary big guys.

Good fast read by Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake.