The President's Assassin - Brian Haig My favorite character and wiseass, Sean Drummond, is back. Someone has offered a $100 million bounty on the president's life and just to get everyone's attention, assassinates, in his home, the Chief of Staff and his family and the Secret Service detail assigned to their protection.

Haig nicely integrates some -- what I think -- pertinent information regarding the real world. While interviewing the major general in charge of the Army CID to help locate some missing weapons (specifically a Bouncing Betty and anti-tank missile) we learn that because of the enormous requirement for munitions in Afghanistant and Iraq, the Army has had to contract out security at the ports to civilian contractors who hire guards at $9.00 an hour and that given the amount of material being shipped (and later exploded) it was impossible to account for a lot of the explosives. That rings very true and is not particularly comforting.

Far-fetched plot, predictable ending. Nevertheless, I am a sucker for Sean Drummond, Haig's wise-cracking CIA/FBI/MP/JAG/CID jack-of-all investigative trades. Fun.