The Hunter (Parker, #1) - Richard Stark I'm pretty sure I saw this many years ago as a movie and a little research indicated I was right: Point Blank (1967) and Payback with Mel Gibson (1997?). I believe I only saw the Gibson version.

Hard to believe that Richard Stark is a pseudonym for Donald Westlake who writes such humorous novels. The Parker novels are anything but. In this, one of the first Parker stories, he has been left for dead, shot by his wife, saved only by his silver belt buckle (!!!). Parker would not hesitate himself to double-cross his partners, but he's nevertheless peeved and embarks on revenge tracking down Mel who had conspired with Lynn, his wife.

The writing is a little stark (sorry, couldn't resist) but more than competent, and despite the archaic nature of the content it's like surrendering to the early fifties world of noir. Grab a couple of these for any trip. You will not be disappointed as they will make you forget just about any economy airline seat.

I wish they would bring out the whole series as ebooks so they would quite going out of print only to be resurrected a few years later.