Prime Witness (A Paul Madriani Novel) - Steve Martini I first got interested in Steve Martini after watching The Judge, an interesting movie that had some nice courtroom scenes for which I am always a sucker. I had already purchased Prime Witness in audio so decided to make it my chores listening. I enjoyed it. Several characters pop up who were in The Judge. This one is unusual int hat Paul Modriani, Martini's protagonist plays the role of district attorney, rather against his will and he is thrown into the middle of a case that pits him against an old antagonist. No point repeating the plot, that's available everywhere.

Some reviewers have downgraded this book because of the level of detail supplied in the investigation. That's the kind of stuff I like. I especially enjoyed the courtroom and lawyerly battles using obscure features of the law in an attempt to gain the upper hand in the battle to gain the advantage.

One negative, I thought, was the side plot that involved threats against Modriani's wife. I thought that was unnecessary and not well explicated. The ending is perhaps a bit preposterous; nevertheless, solid entertainment.