Serial - Jack Kilborn, Blake Crouch I stumbled on this in my usual unplanned way. I have been following the current dispute over ebook pricing and the battle now enjoined between Amazon, Apple, and the Big Six (minus 1). Konrath has a blog called A Newbies Guide to Publishing in which he documents his anti-DRM approach to digital publishing. It' worth a read. Anyway, he has brought out several of his backlist and short stories as inexpensive digital books and Truck Stop, really a short novella, was my first. It's a confrontation between his detective Jack Daniels and two serial killers who meet up and decide to victimize Jack. This led to Serial (the uncut version which actually contained Truck Stop) and completes the journey of one of the serial killers (no spoilers.) Serial does have an interesting conceit, two serial killers meet up, one hitchhiking and then they both get hoist with their own petard. It's fun.

I read one of his Jack Daniels novels. They are a quixotic blend of humor, detective, and thriller.