Blue Screen - Robert B. Parker, Kate Burton A Sunny Randall novel by Robert Parker, written in his inimitable style (lots of I said, he said, I said, he said........). We get to see Jesse Stone and Paradise from the perspective of a woman detective, which is kind of interesting. I'm a fan of the Jesse Stone stories.

I would suggest this one is kind of middle of the road fare for Robert B. Parker. I did find it jarring to run into characters from the other books (except Hawk of course who would have really stood out): Sunny goes to a shrink who just happens to be Susan Silverman; Jesse and she, of course, get it on (and in the dressing room of a high end clothing store (funny but ridiculous), Suitcase (more baseball lore), and Healy from the State Police, etc. etc. I began to feel like there might only be twelve people in the world and 11 of them populate Parker's books.

I won't bother any kind of plot summary. I need only say it's preposterous and instead of a hooker with a heart of gold we have a thoughtful pimp. Hmmm.

Good lawn mowing material, although the sessions with Susan occasionally had me side-swiping a tree.