Disturb - J.A. Konrath I discovered Konrath through his free book give-away on his website. Inspired. Apparently, he dusted off some of his early work that was not published. I liked a couple of his novellas so much I went off and bought the rest of his titles for my Kindle.

Disturb involves a billionaire who has discovered a drug that permits you never to require sleep. Just think of the efficiencies gained by never sleeping. Man, I could really chew through a lot of books. Unfortunately, it has some rather nasty side-effects the good corporate man would rather remain hidden. A few clues to whet your appetite:

-Memory is chemical

-N-Som ( the drug in question) is not synthetic

-fetal memory is preferred over the memory of someone just killed

-it pays to bribe mortuary assistants and couriers need to be careful not to drop a box

-FDA approval might be a good thing

-personality is a complicated exchange of neurotransmitters

-mixing the neurotransmitters of different personalities is not desirable

Normally I don't like medical thrillers, nor horror, but Konrath managed to get my attention with this title, and I dropped everything until it was finished.