The Fund - Wes Demott There were numerous occasions when I groaned, "good grief," during the course of listening to this story. The plot's not bad, intricate, conspiratorial, and intriguing. Then the hero, Peter Jamison, goes into "crazy man" overdrive, a holdover from his insane madness charging up against overwhelming odds in Vietnam, during which he can overcome big bad guys and bullets, etc., etc. I sigh and another, "oh, good, grief," -- of course, I'm thinking to myself, "this guy is a fucking idiot," [that's to keep Ceridwen happy, of course, I would never really say that:]-- escapes my innards.

The author really needs to get a grip and decide whether he is writing an action comic without graphics or a well-plotted thriller. I don't drink, but for this one, I found myself craving a couple of beers, anything to deaden the pain a little.