An Innocent Client - Scott Pratt Joe Dillard has had it with the justice system. "The whole system is crazy. For over ten years, I've been traveling every day to this bizarre world of lies and deceit.  There's no honor in it anywhere. It's all a sick game, and the people who win the most are the ones who lie the best.  They call it the criminal justice system​​​.  What a crock.  Defendants lie and cheat, police officers lie and cheat, prosecutors lie and cheat, defense lawyers lie and cheat, and judges--Jesus, don't get me started.  The American legal system would do itself a great service if it could somehow execute half the sitting judges in this country and start all over again--."

Tired of defending sleaze balls, he is hired by the madame, the widow of a corrupt local sheriff who was running a topless bar and dealing cocaine on the side, to defend one of her girls who has been charged with the murder of a preacher who enjoyed coming to the club and getting his rocks off.  He's actually pretty sure the girl, Angel Christian (appropriate name, don't you think?) is innocent, although it's not improbable that the widow herself committed the murder. There is little evidence against Angel but the local DA is up for re-election and needs to have a solid win just before the votes are counted. 

Pratt, an attorney himself, writes reasonably well and the characters, if a bit exaggerated, made for an interesting group (Landers, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation investigator is about as morally degraded as one could imagine). The courtroom scenes were well-drawn.  If you enjoy Grisham and Teller, you will enjoy Pratt.