Goldilocks - Ed McBain It's really quite difficult to write anything meaningful about this book without inundating you with spoilers, but here's my best effort.

Matthew Hope, another of McBain's series characters, a lawyer, gets a call in the middle of the night from _______ who reports that his _______ and ________ have been ________. Hope rushes over to _______'s __________ where he finds the ________ already involved in ____________. Then the _______ is found in the ________ and he _________. In the meantime, Hope does some _________ on his own and discovers that ___ ____ _______ ____ __ seems. There are multiple _________ of ___________ and ___________ on the _________ and _________ of having an ___________.

Classic McBain.

P.S. The publisher's description of the book has inaccuracies.