Vanishing Act - Thomas Perry This book is the first I have read in the Jane Whitfield series. She specializes in helping to hide people who need to disappear from abusive husbands, gangsters, whatever. I don’t know about the other books in the series - yet - but the man she is helping in Vanishing Act has no trouble finding her, has lots of skills that would appear to help him hide himself, and comes with bags of cash. This one however, turns out to be the opposite of her usual client.

One criticism of the book might be that it waffles between being an escape thriller and a didactic lecture (hmmm, is that redundant) on Native American culture and history. Whitfield is Seneca and while I found the discourses and snippets of Indian language interesting, they seemed totally out of place with the rest of the book. On the other hand, once you get past some of the dream sequences, which reveal ALL of the rationale and motivations of the other character (that was a bit much,) her use of Indian lore and skills to overcome her adversary in the woods, was intriguing. Loved that part.