The Sex Club - L.J. Sellers The characters:

Kera: a Planned Parenthood clinic nurse whose clinic is targeted by an anti-abortion religious zealot;

Ruth Greiner: that zealot, mother to a thirteen-year-old member of the Teen Talk Club, also the local abortion clinic bomber;

Teen Talk Club: an ostensibly religious group for teens who ceome obsessed with sex after one of their members finds a porn video of their father’s, I mean if it’s OK for Dad....;;

Reverend Strickland: a Baptist minister and the aforementioned father with the porn collection;

Wade Jackson: the detective investigating the homicide of Jessie, who has a daughter Kate, also a member of the Teen Talk Club;;

Jessie: a member of the Teen Talk Club and the dead girl;

Fieldstone: the local mayor who happens to have a hideaway apartment very close to the school and also next to the dumpster where Jessie’s body was found;

Christian fanaticism.

Nice set of ingredients for this excellent novel. Very enjoyable and hard to put down.