An Iron Rose - Peter Temple Ex-DS Mac Faraday is now working as a blacksmith when Ned, an old friend, ostensibly commits suicide and Ned’s mother asks Faraday to look into it. Discovering more than he wished to know, bodies begin to accumulate and it’s beginning to look like Ned was not whom Mac thought. Why did Ned keep press cuttings about the skeleton of a girl found in an old mine shaft? Who was the girl found naked beside a lonely road? And why were another girl and her boyfriend later found dead supposedly a murder-suicide. And what was the connection to the Kinross Juvenile Home for Girls.

Told in the first-person, we see only what Mac learns as the bits fall into place. Temple writes nice descriptive phrases. Take this phrase for example, “Alex looked around at the pub: yellow smoke-stained walls, plastic furniture, scratched and cigarette-burnt formica-topped bar, three customers who looked like stroke victims.”

Excellent narration by Marco Chiappi.