Depraved Indifference - Joseph Teller Another winner from Joseph Teller who has a lock on fictional legal cynicism as far as I’m concerned.

Jaywalker is still on suspension when is is approached (a term here I use very loosely) by Amanda Drake whose estranged husband, Clarke, has been arrested on murder charges. It seems he got smashed and drove his speeding Audi into a van of Jewish children on their way to some event. The van rolled down the hill, burst into flames, and incinerated everyone inside.

Jaywalker, knowing he mustn't do anything to risk getting his legal license back, signs on as a private investigator to collect all the information he would need for the time when he is reinstated and then can take the case which promises a substantial fee. Suffice it to say that Teller gets his license back and proceeds with the case

Teller does a terrific job with courtroom dialogue and weaving the ins and outs of this case which, in the end, jolts with several surprises. Teller knows the law and through Jaywalker makes several telling comments and provides examples of the problems with the adversarial system.

Very enjoyable light page-turner. On to the next Teller....