A Wolverine is Eating My Leg - Tim Cahill “In these same waters there is another fish that looks very much the upright and businesslike cleaner wrasse. The blenny, however, is an entirely different kind of fish. The sly blenny finds a wrasse in full dance at its cleaner station [the wrasse is a small fish which has a symbiotic relationship with groupers, it swims inside the grouper’s mouth and eats tropical parasites that accumulate and annoy the grouper,] and there it sets itself up for wicked business by imitating the dance of the honest fish [the wrasse.] when the grouper approaches mouth open, the blenny darts in, tears off a hunk of Flesh, and escapes to a nearby niche the enraged grouper can’t penetrate. The blenny is a fish that lives in treachery and feeds off the flesh of those who would freely feed it. It is sometimes called a false cleaner, though I prefer to think of it as a lawyer fish."

This book by Tim Cahill is a wonderful collection of essays drawn from Rolling Stone and other magazines. Cahill is the adventurer all of us Walter Mittys would like to be. He writes of wild­water rafting in the Himalayas, scuba diving with sharks, rappelling down cliffs in the utter darkness of caves, crossing Death Valley on foot during the summer--all sorts of death­defying adventures. At one point he reflects on the "sickness" of one of the war simulation games in the wilderness of New Hampshire: " Gaines was probably right, at least for those of us who enjoy this Constant testing and attendant adrenaline rush. It is a way of finding out who you are, and even those who object to the concept of the game, to its emotional weight, 'look for the same kinds of whatever means available. I know for a fact that quite a few of those who said they found the idea ’sick’ spend sessions with a man who say yes, uh-huh, and how do you about that?’"