The Man With The Getaway Face (Parker, #2) - Richard Stark Continuing with my reading (audio) of all the Parker series by Richard Stark (Donald Westlake), this title follows Parker's run-in with the "Outfit/Syndicate". He has paid to have his face altered by plastic surgery (references to the “party” date this book somewhat and I wonder if contemporary -- read young-- readers will get some of the allusions.)

Parker’s heists are not always successful; indeed, some go marvelously awry. They are always beset with problems. Here, his caper is threatened by a double-cross from a fellow robber and by Stubbs, the surgeon’s loyal, but punch-drunk chauffeur, who has vowed to find the doctor’s killer and take revenge. (the section of the book narrated by Stubs as he tries to find the threads of his mission in his battered mind are unusual for a Parker book.) Regardless of his amoral view of life, Parker does have a code that he follows rigorously. His antagonists cross his code at their peril.

First rate noir. Read brilliantly by Michael Kramer.