A Bullet for Cinderella - John D. MacDonald Many years ago, I took a liking for the Travis McGee series by John D. MacDonald, so when I ran across this title for my Kindle at a reasonable price, I downloaded it to see what it might be like.

Tal Howard is an ex-POW who had been quartered with Timmy Warden from Hillston. Timmy had died in the camp and Tal had been emaciated and very sick. Following his recuperation he remembered Timmy telling him that he had buried $60,000 of money that he had stolen from his brother George, who ran a local hardware store and lumber yard. Timmy had also had an affair with Eloise, his brother’s wife. Timmy expressed remorse for these actions, but died before he could tell Tal where to find the money so it could be returned to George. The sole clue Tal had was that it had something to do with Cindy.

Tal, restless, leaves his girl and decides to find the money. Posing as a writer,he learns that Eloise has left George, fleeing town with a salesman and that another man from the camp. Fitz, has also been poking around looking for the money. Fitz knows nothing of Cindy. His best leads come from Ruth Stamm, one of Timmy’s old friends. There’s also a man whom even Fitz fears... Anything more would be spoiling the plot.

Good story, typical of early fifties noir.

Note: This book was also published under the title “On the Make.” I hate that.