The Deceived (Jonathan Quinn Series #2) - Brett Battles I read and enjoyed the first Quinn novel. Quinn is a cleaner, a person hired to remove bodies and clean up after assorted mishaps. In this 2nd in the series, Quinn has been hired to get rid of a body in a shipping container. He discovers that it’s an old friend Steven Markoff, a CIA operative who once saved his life. On the wall of the container, Markoff had scratched a series of numbers and two letters: LP.

As a way of honoring his old friend, Quinn decides to contact Jenny, Markoff’s girlfriend, only to discover she has disappeared and is on the run. She is being sought by numerous people who always seem to be just behind Quinn and when he tries to discover the meaning of LP, people shut down and tell him to immediately drop his investigation. The conspiracy grows and they soon find themselves battling numerous foes in Singapore where Markoff’s clues have led them.

In the end, Battles has taken his series off in a slightly different direction, a little more like a Tom Cruise movie rather than the cool undercover professional in The Cleaner. It works and is still a very fast and enjoyable spy novel, just a little different than the first book.