Fine Line - William G. Tapply Walt Duffy, famous bird photographer who had lost the use of his legs, asks Coyne, his lawyer, to take some valuable letters of Merriwether Lewis to be appraised. The next day, Coyne finds Duffy on the brick floor of his birdhouse, his head bleeding profusely, crutches by his side and Ethan, Duffy’s son who lived with him has gone missing.

The plot becomes thicker as Coyne finds himself manipulated by a killer with links to a secret environmentalist organization. The killer seems to know Coyne’s every move and Coyne is not sure what move to make to save lives.

Sounds thin, but I’m trying to avoid spoilers. All you need to know is that Tapply writes well, always tells an engaging story, sprinkled with humor, and provides a few hours of solid entertainment.