Scar Tissue - William G. Tapply Another good Brady Coyne novel. Brady gets a call late one night from Jack Gold, a long-time friend and client who reports that his son and girlfriend have been in a car accident. Jenny, Brian’s girl friend, had been driving and their car left the road on a curve and crashed down a hillside into a frozen river. Jenny’s body has been recovered but there is no sign of Brian. Brady travels up to their house to console and has a conversation with the highly respected local police chief. But things start to go awry (here I have a minor problem with the way Tapply handles the timing, but it had me turning pages back several times to try to figure out an apparent time lapse.) Brady gets a call from Jack, who has split up from his younger wife Sharon, who is unable to reconcile with the apparent death of her son. He has some important information that he wants to show Brady. When he doesn’t show for the appointment, Brady becomes concerned and tracks him down to a seedy motel where no one answers the door. When police are summoned, they discover the body of the police chief.

Anything more would be a spoiler. Solid mystery. Tapply is consistently enjoyable. My favorite character is Horowitz.