Cold Shot to the Heart - Wallace Stroby Very reminiscent of the Parker novels. List of characters:

Crissa: A woman with a child who does not know her who she had to leave with a family in Texas. She works as a thief, much like Parker, getting jobs through an intermediary , Hector, sometimes with unknown partners, but she always screens them carefully.

Stimmer: Sets up a job for Crissa and Chance that involves half-a-million at a card game in Florida. Just as everything seems to be going perfectly, he does something stupid. Then he does something even dumber.

Eddie: The ex-con, hired by Tonio, the crime boss to find the killer of his son-in-law and retrieve the money. Eddie decides to strike out on his own, understanding Tonio had a hidden agenda. He’s a very loose cannon.

Terry: The mousy burglar trying to get away from his old life with Angie but who is forced back into the game by Eddie.

Chance: Crissa’s partner in the card heist. He’s got his own problems.

The story just charges ahead from Crissa’s and Eddie’s perspectives. If you like Richard Stark and the Parker novels you will want to scarf this up. Stroby is definitely one to watch. Perfect for a plane ride.