Black and White: A Novel - Dan Mahoney The author makes a huge mistake right off the bat. I was listening to this book, and the two major protagonists are both named McKenna: Brian and Tommy. He then proceeds to compound the error by talking about each not by given name, but rather by patronymic. You really have to keep your head wrapped around this in order not to get confused. A quick look at Amazon reveals that the names are even spelled the same, although, in the author’s defense, Tommy McKenna is a real NYPD detective of some note. Whatever.

A man and woman are discovered dead near the cloisters, she the daughter of a wealthy, politically connected man, Brian is assigned as lead detective on the case even as they discover another similar set of murders that had haunted the other McKenna, Tommy. As the investigation proceeds, it becomes apparent the detectives are looking for two serial killers who are engaged in the production of snuff films. The chase leads all over the country in addition to Costa Rica, Thailand, Burma, and Barcelona.

It’s a well-done police procedural with lots of interesting investigatory detail and I do really hope (although I sincerely doubt) that the different police agencies here and abroad really do cooperate and get along and are all such nice guys as described in the book..